Our nervous system is designed to help and protects us, it serves us to be weary of danger and notifies us when we need to rest. Although it’s up to us to listen to the clues it dishes out. We can not heal fully, if we don’t notice the various parts that make up the system.

When the nervous system is activated, we need to help it complete the “stress cycle” in order to discharge the fear of threat out of our system. This is a very primal process that we don’t do instinctually (like our animal relatives — watch your dog complete their stress cycle by “shaking it off”), therefore we must do so consciously and deliberately. This means getting out of our heads and connecting to our bodies.

We can tend to our nervous system which translates to us developing daily rituals to support our emotional wellness. By doing so, we are taking a…

As a woman who loves a black man with her whole being, a woman who will have bi-racial children that are made from our love, to live in our society is quite terrifying and a breeding ground for fear. A fear that is very real and valid.

My beautiful black boyfriend, D.M.B
My beautiful black boyfriend, D.M.B

This black man also ends up being 6’1 and a lifelong wrestler & former MMA fighter, when others see him they are intimidated by his size and stoic demeanor, by the way he holds his chest and head high with pride and integrity, they see a threat — yet when I look at him I see the love of my life, the father of my future children, with the biggest heart, a morally intact human with feelings, a man who has grown up in the church — a lover of God, a man with such resiliency, distress tolerance and strength…

Medina Colaku

Holistic Therapist, Podcast Host, Human, Advocate, Dog Mama + Lover of the Earth ✨ “A human, having a very human experience.” IG: @HealWithMedina

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